Project Debrief: Filter Feed

Note: this post is probably of low interest. I am simply making a record of some little personal projects I have made.

Project Goals

I subscribe to several podcasts and RSS feeds which include some posts I’m not interested in. For example, USGS has a feed of volcano statuses but I only want to subscribe to my local volcano. My podcast app and feed reader don’t have filtering of episodes built in, so I wanted to create an app that would apply filters while proxying requests.

High Level Design

Filter feed is a Google Cloud Run app. Each feed has a unique ID, and and a app URL containing that ID is given to the feed reader. When the feed reader loads the feed from the app, configuration on what filtering to do is loaded from a Datastore entry, the upstream feed is fetched and filtered before being returned to the feed reader app.

Implementation Notes


We use jQuery Query Builder as an interface for defining power filters on feeds:

Filter feed admin illustrating Query Builder for specifying a custom filter

Much of the code is dedicated to correctly handling both Atom and RSS, as well as coaxing xml.etree to make the deserialize-filter-serialize round trip preserve as much of the original XML as possible.

An admin interface was a later addition. This necessitated adding user and login to prevent 3rd parties modifying my filters. For this I used flask-security-too. I would note that was not a polished experience, and I would recommend against Flask for any project that requires log-ins and permissions.

Project Fate

I continue to use this app for RSS feed filtering, although I no longer use it for podcasts as I found a podcast app with enough filtering built in. If this app would be useful to you, I can provide you an account, just reach out to me.





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